Cecilia Sjölund fell in love with “International setting” and “politics” in Belgium

Cecilia Sjölund fell in love with Brussels when she came here to do an internship, for six months.

This 27 years old expat is from Sweden and her adventure in the “heart of Europe” begun when Cecilia started to work in the Public Sector from Swedish Region Offices.

This girl attended to the last breakfast conference hosted by Bright Expats and KBC Brussels about Fiscal Questions in International Setting, at the Library Group. With brown eyes and delicate white skin, she told us that “after the internship I went back home to finish my studies but then I had to came back here”.

And she did. Cecilia found a job similar to the internship she was doing, and here she is – very happy – a year after.

But why this Swedish girl loves Brussels so much?

She says the love affair with Belgium begun with “the international setting” and “the political situation”, the two main reasons why she decided to leave her country behind and start a new live here.

“I came to Brussels because I’m interested in Politics in UE, that’s exactly what I’m working for”.

Cecilia gives important advice to all the people that are thinking about coming to Belgium to live. “Have patience” she says, laughing.

“There’s a lot of frustrating things when moving to a new country and a lot of “Belgian administration” that’s difficult to understand. But in the end everything will be ok. Just be patient”.cecilia

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