Kristiina Mossop has a “love-hate relationship” with Brussels

Kristiina Mossop is 64 years old with soul and passion of a 20 years old girl.

Originally from Finland, she is used to being an expat, after 26 years living in the United Kingdom.

Kriistina also lived in Sweden, for some years, and she has been in Brussels since 2007.

“I came here because of my ex-husband’s job. I followed him here, and then we got divorced and I’ve been on my own here”, she says. For this woman it was not difficult to find a job in Brussels. “I worked in three different positions. I worked in the European Parliament for five years…”, she said, in the breakfast conference hosted by Bright Expats and KBC Brussels about Fiscal Questions in International Setting, at the Library Group.

Kristiina Mossop, with alive blue eyes, admits having a “love-hate relationship with Brussels”. The hate, she explained, is because of “the paper work and all the very bureaucratic way” that this country works.

Besides that, “the customer service is not very good”. Living in the UK for so many years she got used to the “excellent service” that country provides to the citizens, one thing she didn’t find in Belgium.

“In UK we demand so much, so I learned to demand good service and it’s not always available here”.

However, the love relationship is stronger than the hate.

It’s the “international environment”, she says, and the fact that “whatever you want to do you can do it. It’s available”, that kept her for ten years in Brussels.

Other thing she loves about Belgium is the fact that is a small country. So, in her words, it’s pretty easy to know the other cities. “You can do anything you want”.

If you are about to become an expat in Brussels, Kristiina Mossop has some tips for you. “Research, otherwise you can be disappointed. You have to look carefully about the laws regarding employment, for example, and how the renting system works”.

In the top of that, she warns you: “There are a lot of laws and requirements in Belgium. It’s not the same as other countries. You have to research a lot. Otherwise, you can be badly surprised”.

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