How to find a house/apartment in Brussels

Looking for a home in a new country can be difficult, but it can be made a lot easier if you connect with a good service to help you. When you are moving to Belgium there are several options to find a new home that suits your needs and budget, including:

  1. Contact familiars or friends.
  2. Staying at a youth hostel during the search:

In any case, it is risky to confirm a rent or bail from your hometown without having seen it, because there can always be surprises. Once we left the luggage, we can start looking an apartment without weight. If we meet someone we can ask which areas are best for our pocket, and you can also check the map to see the areas with public transport, to decide whether we want to be near or far from the center, near a green area, the university… When we make a decision, you should visit the neighborhood during the day and also at night, because sometimes there may be a different atmosphere. Another important decision is whether we want to share accommodation or, on the contrary, we prefer to live alone.


If you are a student in a Belgian university or exchange, it might be perfect for you to live in a student residence and share common areas with other people. The best option is to contact the hosting service of the university, they have many useful links. For example:


A kot is a typical Brussels house in which you rent a room and share the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms with other young people. They offer more freedom than a residence because normally there is no supervision, and prices vary widely.

Valuations in Brussels in 2014:

  1. Ixelles: +/- 400 €
  2. Cimetière: +/- 250 €
  3. Bascule: +/- € 500
  4. Dansaert: +/- 350 €

Some websites to search kots are:


If you prefer to share a flat with one or more students, you can use the web:

(It is important to know that to contact the owners of the most recent announcements, you must pay the fee of Premium member, and those that have more than a week are free).

Another option is the Facebook group ‘BXL à louer – bouche à oreilles’, but be very attentive because it is a group of more than 30,000 members and there is always a lot of demand.


Another common way is to live alone or with your partner. This search will lead to the pages of traditional rental webs:

Whatever the way in you choose, you must know that you should probably pay a one-month deposit (for stays of up to 6 months) or two-months deposit (more than 6 months) when signing the contract.


If you need to find a house before moving or you want personalized assistance for all of your relocation needs at every step of your transition abroad, a Relocation Agency may be the best solution for you.

The assistance packages of Bright Expats ( are designed to lead you into your new country with full guidance and support such as:

  • School search
  • House search
  • Administrative support
  • Departure assistance
  • Orientation tour and information
  • Mail translation
  • Contacts and communication facilitation

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