Breakfast Conference: “A proper medical insurance”

Hi Expats!
Imagine: you just arrived in a new country, you probably don’t speak the language, your child is sick over the weekend and you have no idea how to contact the doctor on call. Or you are pregnant and wonder which costs will be covered. Or else you need to follow a treatment for a certain health condition and wonder whether you will be reimbursed at the same level than in your home country. Are you covered for private rooms? Do you need to advance the costs before the treatments?
Before going on expatriation, you probably want to have these questions settled first. At the start of many new assignments, questions on medical insurance keep on coming back as one of the expat’s main concerns. Hence, we decided to dedicate the last session before the summer on this topic.
Join us and take benefit of the insight of Maxime Manderlier, International People Mobility Consultant at AON Hewitt, invited by Bright Expats and KBC Brussels.
The conference will be held at our office, avenue de Broqueville 40, 1200 Brussels from 8.30 to 10.00AM.

Very much looking forward to seeing you then!

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