“We always act with care, respect and professionalism, and we work for you to live the transition with serenity, joy and fulfillment”


Eléonore van Rijckevorsel

Originally from Belgium, Eléonore has been an expat almost all of her life: as a child, as a student, as a professional, as a spouse and as a mother. From her experiences abroad (Italy, Cameroun, The Netherlands, Japan), she learned how important it is to make personal choices that are consistent with one’s personality and expectations.



Pauline SixPauline Six

Combining creativity and a problem-solving approach, Pauline likes to accept any challenge and any opportunity to help people. Her personal experience in Dubai and Shanghai made her aware of the practical and personal challenges of expatriation. Her professional experience enabled her to work out an efficient set of coaching tools. She is passionate about helping expats get the best possible experience abroad.


Olga de MeesterOlga de Meester

Further to her graduation in marketing in Belgium, Olga moved to London where she took additional marketing classes while working. A couple of years later, she moved to Paris and stayed there for five years. Back in Belgium, Olga continued her career at a publishing company dedicated to informing expats of dos and don’ts in Belgium. Now, at the Bright Expats team, Olga facilitates the transition to Belgium and is looking forward to being your relocation agent in Brussels.


Isaline DuboisIsaline Dubois

Having spent nine years in Asia, as a trailing spouse in China and India, Isaline gained a new perspective on her career. She employs open-mindedness, integration capability and stress management to address your needs, your individual wishes and expectations. Her goal is to make your relocation experience the best memory of your life.


Option 1Karmen Christiaens

Born and raised in Belgium, Karmen has always build international friendships through her studies as well as her experience in Customer Service for international companies. As a relocation agent for the Flemish region she can help you settle into the local culture. Karmen understands the insecurity a move abroad can cause and she loves to guide you in order to obtain a personal, pleasant and efficient moving experience.

2Rachel Carmona

After having spent half of her adult life abroad on different continents as an expat (Europe, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America), Rachel knows every challenge that a move can bring. Now settled in Belgium with her family, she is enthusiastic about helping and welcoming new families in this international country by accompanying them in their relocation process.


Rachel2Anne-Aymone de Radigues

Although Belgian through and through herself, Anne-Aymone always surrounded herself with expatriates. She has worked with global relocation and international HR in London and Paris and even taken a sweet break starting a chocolate popcorn company in Johannesburg. Now she is back in Brussels and more enthusiastic than ever to share her experiences and knowledge on how to enjoy Belgium the most.


Dinie épreuveDinie van der Weide

By living many years in several countries on different continents, Dinie has learned to appreciate the aspects of expat life as well as the challenges that come with it. Therefore she is very motivated to give back and share her own experiences with relocation, housing, childcare and education. Dinie is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and is more than willing to help you with the transition to this country.


Olivia Cogel

Olivia is a seasoned relocation agent. With her working experience in Dubai an Morocco, she knows how important is the first impression with the host country for the expat and the whole family. Her problem solving skill, her sense of service and her capability to adapt are the key factors to make your expatriation a success !Back in Belgium, she is enthusiastic to make you discover the beauty and the lifestyle of her own country.


inesInes De Cuyper

Ines was born and raised in Belgium but she travels as often as she can. As a Management Assistant for various international companies she saw the needs of expats and were we can really assist them. So she started her own relocation company with the focus on the Antwerp area. She assists Bright expats with their clients located in Antwerp and loves welcoming new expats!.