Save the dates :: New conference cycle dedicated to “Cross-border workers”

Bright Expats & KBC Brussels, partnering again for the Expat community, will be offering in the autumn of 2017 a new conference cycle dedicated to “Cross-border workers”. Interested? Save the following dates:

  1. 21/09/2017: The health system and different health insurances (mutuality and complementary insurances
  2. 19/10/2017: International mobility, salary splits and social security
  3. 23/11/2017: Fiscal questions in an international setting

The conferences will be held at our office, avenue de Broqueville 40, 1200 Brussels from 8.30 to 10.00AM. Be welcome!

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 Our EuRA membership has been approved! 

We are also proud members of ABRA – the Belgian Association of Relocation Agents – and of EuRA – the European Association of Relocation Agents – enjoying a daily challenge of excellence.

Good news for Bright Expats! EuRA has confirmed today that our candidature was accepted.

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A soft landing for expats

International mobility has increased enormously during last decade. Brussels is one of the first destination chosen by expats. Peter Van Dyck writes about the benefits of expat’s integration and interviews Eléonore van Rijckevorsel and Pauline Six, partners at Bright Expats.

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