I used Bright Expats first of all to find out about the general characteristics of different parts of Brussels and secondly to find just the right kind of apartment to best suit the needs of my family. I was impressed by their level of professionalism of Brussels housing markets and ability to tailor a solution to our specific needs.

Auli, Executive in a Nordic financing company. Finland.

Bright Expats – a good source of support and advice for moving to Belgium.  No query was too strange or task too difficult. Bright Expats provide a valuable, objective perspective when selecting schools and accommodation.  And are thorough in deciphering and communicating the details of the paperwork regarding registering at the local commune, lease etc.  Even 2 years on, we know they are always available to take our call.

Hugh, entrepreneur. Ireland.

I liked how the course and environment the course was held in was very open. It was easy to ask questions and I got answers and new knowledge that I hadn’t realised I was wondering about, even though I was. Over all – it was very good and helpful!

Greta, intern at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Belgium.

As someone who has lived and worked overseas for over two decades, I can testify to the difference that a smooth transition can make. The services offered by Bright Expats are designed not only to ease the transition into overseas life, but also to make this the best experience that this can be. Contact Bright Expats to see what they have to offer you – you’ll be glad that you did!

Lisa, English Instructor, mother of 1. Japan.

I have arranged several meetings at the arrival of new expats in Brussels with Eléonore.I find the “cultural awareness workshop” perfect for my new colleagues as Eléonore gives information on the  difference concerning the cost of living/habits in Belgium/Brussels compared with their country, also about some political, social, economic facts, Belgian employment/tax system, and a lot of helpful information…and of course she does not forget Belgian humour…non-sense…and all this with calm, professionalism, patience and she is also good at listening to the expats questions/worries and has always found answers/solutions.

Valérie, Accounting, Personnel & Office Management, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Belgium.

Relocation is hard. The experienced professionals of Bright Expats ease the process through dedicated and customised service. Highly recommended for anyone abroad moving to the Netherlands and Belgium!

Richard, Department Head at Philips Research, father of 3. Holland

With her business, Bright Expats, Eléonore van Rijckevorsel is the perfect person to help international families make a happy new home here. She is full of useful, unusual, practical and fun ideas. This combined with her abilities as a great listener, problem solver and savvy businesswoman makes her an ideal partner for expats and their families.

Silke, Lawyer, mother of 2. Germany.

Bright Expats, in our opinion, are among the best. They are very knowledgeable in terms of what needs to be done. Perhaps more importantly, Bright Expats are very well organized and always proactively kept us up-to-date with excellent to-do lists and tracking sheets. Their service was always extremely responsive and very timely, both over email and telephone, and sometimes even within the hour. The team also proactively made absolutely sure everything was closed correctly, even weeks after we had already left and after some issues (not of her making) arose. Bright Expats were overall most helpful in this always stressful time of moving in a different country.

Wolfgang, Executive in a Pharmaceutical company. Germany.

The most difficult part of relocation is to find “the right connection” with locals. Let them help you, then soon you’ll feel at home living “regio Eindhoven”. With some tips, Holland and Eindhoven can be a great place to live. Bright Expats can provide you wonderful help with your “world famous Dutch administrations”. Be stress free! I always dreamed about having such services that Bright Expats provides. All those troubles, I took to find the way out here, were maybe not necessary. Trouble shooter, I found now.

Kanako, Psychologist, mother of 2. Japan.

They helped us to find a house in exactly the location we wanted and helped us to react fast to seal the deal! They helped us to get online and sort out our electricity and water when we moved in. Belgians love paperwork, and Bright Expats helped us to navigate it all! They gave us a list of everything we needed to think about, and then helped us to sort everything out.

Alastair, Executive in a Food Company. England.

It was a great pleasure to meet Pauline for the move out of our house and I must say that I am completely satisfied with the services she provided me. Even though it was a tough situation, we managed to get an arrangement, which I think, was satisfying for both parts. It would have been difficult for me to get such an arrangement, due to the tense relationship we had with our landlady. So, I would like to thank Pauline very much for her professionalism, her availability and her listening. Be sure that I will certainly recommend Bright Expats services to my friends.

 Rachel, Assistant Teacher, mother of 2.